Design Features Of The Samsung A52S


The Samsung A52s is one of many mid-budget smartphones being introduced in the market in the coming months. The A52s has a dual curved screen, a nice camera lens, and comes with features that are more advanced than its predecessors. The A 52s is the latest offering from Samsung and is an improvement over its predecessors. But, does it live up to its predecessor? samsung a52s

This review will present the benefits and disadvantages of owning the Samsung A52s. The Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with a very stylish and attractive metallic body, along with two SIM slots (one micro/auto and the other proffered by microSD). The phone comes with a very powerful MSM-running Samsung Exynos 5 chip, along with a host of features. These features include:

– Android operating system – Gingerbread (4.2) – Samsung KK soap opera – Samsung KK email client – Samsung KK text reader

The Samsung A52s comes with a large 2.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, and this can be used as it is or can be enlarged as per need. The resolution of the screen is also quite good, and hence this helps in maximizing the efficiency of the device. The Samsung A52s has a large memory space of Adreno-type, which is Adrenoese. This gives the Samsung A52s a large memory space, allowing the user to store large media files, e-mails, pictures and so on. It also stores the entire user’s data in Samsung KMS soap opera, which is a buffer for each incoming message.

The device also has a large Super AMOLED capacitive screen, which is Super AMOLED technology. The Super AMOLED is also a new development, which gives the Samsung A52s some extra edge compared to its predecessors. It is larger than the LCD screen of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro and the iPhone 3GS. This means that the user can see the details more clearly, thanks to the large color representation.

In terms of camera, the Samsung A52s comes with a very large 12 mega-pixels camera, which is more than the cameras of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro and the iPhone 3GS. This means that the user can take better pictures with this device. The Samsung A52s has a single speaker inside the device, which is not noticeable. This is because the device is quite small and because of the noise reduction feature, you can enjoy movies or music without disturbing anyone around you.