Best Selling Smartphone – Samsung A52s 5g


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone manufactured and released by Samsung Electronics as part of their Galaxy A series. The device is introduced on 7 March 2021 in Samsung’s own virtual Awesome Unpacked event along with the newly released Galaxy A72. The former serves as the flagship of Samsung’s mid-budget smartphone series, whilst the latter is a scaled down version of the larger Galaxy A models. Both phones are built on Samsung’s new Samsung Exynagus Q10 processor, which has been designed to provide sufficient power for performance-demanding apps. The A53 dual core processor is also featured in the device.

When it comes to features, the two devices have virtually similar. The Samsung A52s has a single speaker and rear camera setup, whereas the galaxy a52s has a 5.1-inch widescreen display and a pixel-based Super AMOLED capacitive screen that offer responsive and vivid colours and view angles. In addition, both devices have a powerful Adreno processor, which is found inside the Samsung ELP Samsung Android architecture. With such powerful hardware features, it is no surprise that the Samsung A52s prices are very similar between the two models.

The biggest different between the two devices, however, is the design and build quality of the devices. While the A52s has a physical home button and fingerprint scanner, the Samsung A52s also has an oval fingerprint sensor, although it is more difficult to press than those found on the iPhone 6 and LG G Flex. The A52s also has a single rear camera, although the Samsung A53 has two rear cameras – one for image capture and one for video recording. This means that the user will have to make the decision as to which rear camera to use for the purposes of image or video capturing, although on the whole the A53 is more convenient to use. samsung a52 5g

On the outside of the Samsung A52s there is little to distinguish it from the other Galaxy range, apart from the fact that it has a slightly larger border. On the inside there are two slots for storing data and one slot for the microSD card. Like its competition the A52s is also able to interface with the new Samsung Gear app, which allows the two devices to work together to complete tasks. The Gear app will also allow users to integrate the Gear UI into their Samsung phones in order to provide a unified interface for their Samsung A52s and their respective smart phones.

One feature that sets the A 52s apart from many modern smartphones is the dual-camera functionality. The first model only featured a single camera, but the latest variant of the A 52s is able to take pictures in dual mode. In this mode the second camera is used as a secondary camera and the image can be paniced using the former. There is an option to have the second camera focus on the face of the user, which is a nice addition. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the Samsung A52s and when it is activated the phone will respond by showing a photo on the phone’s screen. This is one of the most useful features of this smartphone and is one reason why it is capable of performing such tasks as taking a selfies and recording videos.

Despite the best efforts of Samsung to streamline this smartphone, it is still found to be slower than many of its competitors. However this is not something that would concern most consumers as it is not the speed at which apps load, but the speed at which videos are played out. The A 52s has just about the same screen size as many modern smartphones and despite being almost the same size as the iPhone 6s Plus it is a bit thinner. It is also nearly as slippery as the iPhone and even if it is slightly slippery it is no match for it thanks to its eight-inch Super AMOLED screen which offers a crisp display and almost flawless viewing. In short, the Samsung A52s is the perfect smartphone to own if you love to perform multiple tasks with your device and enjoy taking photos or videos of yourself or your friends.